Monday, June 29, 2009

summer morning at pwhy

A few glimpses of a summer morning at project why:

A primary class in the library with Israel Sir.

Primary class at Sanjay Colony

Primary class at Okhla with Pushpa Ma'am

Secondary Class at Okhla with Dipankar Sir.

A primary class at Govindpuri with Sophiya Ma'am

what is manu thinking

Manu is now back in class after his long ordeal. Wonder what he is thinking as he sits quietly in class.

learning the sign language

Rinky is busy teaching Harpal, our new volunteer from Melbourne, the sign language. They both seem to be enjoying the lesson.

Friday, June 26, 2009

creche class of 2009

This is part of the creche class of 2009 . Some children have not returned from their summer break.

a morning class at the Okhla centre

In spite of the schorching heat and the hot tin roof, children attend their classes without fail!

nina's farewell party

It was Nina's farewell party at the special section. In spite of the scorching heat every one danced and had a great time

Everyone is in a dancing mood

a special pas de deux by shamika and shalini

Even manu decided to do a few twirls

Shalini put her best foot forward

Little radha executed the perfect solo

and Nina and Shalini performed the last dance!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

perfect designs

Last week, Rinky taught her friends to make henna designs. This week Geetu and Anjali tried their hands at it and did a great job!

Geetu decorating Shalini's hand

Anjali working on Ritika's hand!

proud youngsters

These students just completed their computer course and got their certificates.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

green thumb

Honey loves gardening. He waters the plants on the terrace every day in spite of the scorching heat.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a brand new class

The junior secondary section of our Okhla centre (class VI to VIII) opened its doors just two weeks back. It already has over 20 students, most of them being our own primary students who have now graduated to secondary school.

the youngest project why student

Meet Meher, the youngest student of the project why creche. She is just two and has been coming to us fro the past two months. The reason she comes to our creche is that she has a younger sibling and her mommy has to lok after him and thus cannot give attention to little Meher!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

a new volunteer on the block

Kyle is our new volunteer. He comes from the USA. Every morning Kyle braves the heat and goes to our Sanjay Colony primary centre and spends the morning teaching the children English.

fun and games

Every Saturday it is fun and games time at project why. Here the Okhla children are playing their favourite game: carrom board!

let us play musical ball

The special class children had lots of fun playing musical ball. Each time the music had stopped the one holding the ball had to sing or dance!

Friday, June 12, 2009

movie time

Every week the children of the creche go to our library-cum-cine club to watch a movie. They love the experience though some of them seem to prefer looking at the camera!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

a perfect outing

A long standing promise for good behaviour was redeemed by an outing at the local unfinished mall. Meher, Utpal and Kiran enjoying an ice cream.

Then it was time to take a ride in the glass elevator. Utpal is seen rushing towards it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a stunning bride

It was exam time for the students of the beauty class. Their task of the day was to dress up a bride to be. Nina our volunteer was the model of the day. The end result was stunning even though it took a little time for Meher to realise that the beautiful made up lady was her friend Nina!

learning numbers

The creche children were introduced for the first time to a baby Einstein video on numbers!

By the end of the projection they had all understood and were happily repeating their numbers.

Monday, June 8, 2009

a hot lazy afternoon

It is a hot afternoon. Some of the creche kids are busy drawing with our new volunteer Cecilia, while some simply sleep.

Friday, June 5, 2009

learning time

In spite of it being holidays, the junior secondary take their work very seriously!

story telling time

It was story telling time in the prep class. A once a week activity that all children wait for and love.

new friends

Kate is our new volunteer. She is from the US. She spends her mornings in the special section and Radha is her new friend. In spite of the fact that Radha still sleeps on the footpath, she comes to class every day and takes her work very seriously

living skills

It is very important for girls like Champa and Anjali to learn basic living skills. Yesterday they had a how to fold clothes session with Shamika.

Anjali and Shamika


Champa still has a lot of difficulties but Anjali is becoming an expert so soon we will move to peer teaching! Well done girls.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

dance time at the women centre

It was dance time at the women centre creche and Meher was undoubtedly the best dancer!

Monday, June 1, 2009

special visitors

On the way to the doctor's Utpal and Meher came visiting. They are both extraordinary kids with incredible spirits. Meher is undergoing plastic surgery and looks like an adorable ET and Utpal is as always a true hero.


All our children have cleared their class X and XII Boards. WE also had toppers Amit in class XII with 81% and Vivek in class X with a whopping 97%.

she slept on the footpath

Little Radha's home was destroyed yesterday as it was an illegal structure. The litle family slept on the footpath. For more click here.

back in class

It was wonderful to see Manu back in class after his terrible illness and above all to see him smile!

priya and her babble

Priya babbles along the whole day. She does in a language no one understands as she comes from Kerala and speaks Malayalam. Her mom is one of the innumerable women who come to Delhi and work as nurses. But language is no barrier for spirited little Priya. She keeps on babbling and we have no option but to go along with her.

the new diva on the block

Shalini came wearing a beautiful outfit. When everyone complimented her, she decided to model for us and was quite a diva!

pwhy salon

Rinky, who is now a fully trained hairdresser cut Ruchi' s and Flore's hair! It was truly professional



morning gym

Morning gym at the project why creche

play time

What better way to beat heat than play!


Little Radha who till recently was a tad shy and diffident amazed us all when she sang a song loud and clear for all to hear. This is the very first time Radha has show active participation and it is huge for all of us. She now participates in all activities even though she cannot use her brittle legs!

She is a lovely spirited girl hose dream is to walk and be a dancer.

nanhe's toilet training

We have begun Nanhe's toilet training programme. He has a laminated card next to him with the picture of a toilet seat. When he needs to go he picks up his card and shows it to the teacher. We began the training just a few days back and Nanhe is already a pro! Being toilet trained will make a world of difference in the quality of his daily life! God bless him!